Acrylic Calendar

Why I Made My Own

I'm a very methodical person, and I'm pretty particular about how I organize my schedule. I like having a physical calendar to be able to see at a high-level what my plans for the month are. I had been searching for a dry-erase physical calendar board at various stores like Office Depot, Target, etc., but I couldn't find any that matched the aesthetic I wanted in my kitchen. So I decided to make my own! I started searching online for examples, keeping in mind the modern, clean feel I wanted. I found a great example here, and set out to build one on my own.

How I Created It

I first mocked up the design I wanted to appear on the calendar in Adobe Illustrator, keeping in mind the amount of vinyl that would be used, and the size of the cutting board on my Silhouette Curio.


Then I sent the design from Illustrator to the Curio software. I stuck sheets of the white vinyl on the Curio mat, and let the machine do the cutting. To keep everything exactly lined up, I transferred the vinyl sheets from the Curio's mat to the acrylic board with transfer paper.


For the acrylic board, I found a sheet 30x36 inches at the back of Home Depot. I already had some white vinyl, so I used that to create all of the lettering and shapes. When it came time to drill the holes in the acrylic, I kept the protective film on the acrylic board while drilling. This way, it not only protected the board, but also serve as a layer I could make markups on for where to drill. I clamped the sheet down, then drilled holes a few inches away from the corners.


To mount the calendar on my kitchen wall, I used 4 screws and drywall anchors. I tried searching at a few hardware stores, but they don't sell any! So I ended up finding the gold ones online.

The Result

The final product ended up being very functional, but also practical. When a new month rolls around, I can now erase everything and easily start over simply by wiping the ink off with a cloth. I use a white wet-chalk marker to write on the acrylic because I like the minimalism of white-on-white, but there are tons of different colored chalk markers to choose from. I could only find somewhat thick markers, but thinner-tipped markers would be easier to write more details. Overall, this was a fun, but quite time-consuming project!

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