Business Cards

The last time I went to Adobe MAX, I thought it was so interesting that everyone was connecting by Instagram handles rather than business cards. Regardless, there’s still something about a tactile business card that really leaves an impression. The few cards that I did get were all super unique, because what else would you expect at a design convention? Some had cutouts, some textured patterns, and some different materials.

How I Created Them

Inspired by the Adobe MAX business cards again this year, I got to work on creating my own. I did some research, and I loved the hand-stamped ones. I ordered a personalized stamp on Etsy with my name and title. With that stamp, I used gold embossing powder as the ink. This is done by stamping in white ink, then sprinkling gold embossing powder covering the ink entirely, then using a heat gun to turn the powder into a smooth shiny surface.

The result is a beautiful, smooth, golden raised texture in the exact shape of your stamp design. The best part is that you can recreate it quickly as many times as you want. It’s very hard to mess up with such a simple process. The final result is below!


I prefer Paper Source for stamp products; they have a very wide selection. Here are some of the different colors they have of embossing powder:

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