Client: Hewlett-Packard Inc. and Superfeet

Goal: Design an application for Sprout G2 that utilizes Sprout’s and Superfeet’s combination of foot-scanning technology.

My role: UX & VX

Timeline: a few months

A New Market

A very exciting market that Sprout G2 has been exploring is the foot scanning market. While a bit niche, it’s a perfect market for Sprout because there aren’t many other competitors currently in the field. Sprout has partnered with Superfeet to create FitStation, which is a device that delivers individual shoe and insole recommendations, 3D printed insoles, and custom footwear.


I started out by going to a few stores to do on-site competitive research. I found a Dr. Scholl’s kiosk, which is a direct competitor. Below are a few of the photos I took while at CVS and Walgreens. Both had a wide variety of insoles. It was helpful to see the variations in packaging, store layout, and overall branding.


VX Design

Another designer on our team created the UX wireframes. We discussed and reviewed these several times with stakeholders on the FitStation project, then they were passed along to me and the other VX design on the team to add the visuals. We started by asking lots of questions: in what type of stores will this kiosk be placed?, what device will the kiosk be on?, will the users be using a mouse or finger?, will a store associate be assisting the user at all times?, who is the target audience?, etc.


Below is the first round of the design. This round was created by both myself and another designer on my team. On the monitor, you can see circular lines and dots; these were chosen to convey a high-tech and futuristic feel. The circles of varying distances and blur effects rotate very slowly in the background. The movement adds a level of interest, while not being too busy that the design overpowers the scanning action. We chose a soothing blue to match the soothing blue ray that scans the foot. There are 15+ layers of blending effects on the monitor to get just the right lighting effect- the feel of an "aura" or floating underwater. On the touch mat, we added a gravel-like texture to convey running on pavement. Since this technology is new and we didn't want to complicate the process for users, we kept everything very minimal and easy to read. This meant no photos or bright colors; just soothing blues and geometric shapes. This design has since been replaced, and the current design is undergoing changes.

professionalAndrea Hock