Sprout by HP Branding

Sprout G2 Exploration

Client: Hewlett-Packard Inc.

Goal: Begin exploration on the rebrand of applications native to Sprout G2 (second generation).

My role: VX

Timeline: a few weeks


This visual exploration was not chosen for the final design. I work on the Sprout G2 by HP team, and we were tasked with rebranding Sprout. The first Sprout’s branding was somewhat “safe”, using mostly HP blue #0096d6, HP Simplified, and other purely-HP branding. But for the second generation of Sprout, we wanted to deviate from the generic to something more exciting.


This exploration is an example of an early moodboard exploring color palettes, descriptors, and key personalities. I first started out by defining the meaning behind what the improvements in the second generation of Sprout meant. We wanted the branding to portray the huge development in technology from the first generation to the second, including things like higher resolution projection, more powerful processing, advanced 3D scanning and a precision Active Pen for drawing.


This is the final iconography that I designed and that our team agreed on. It evolved through lots of iterations, but my initial idea was to have the colors of each of the separate apps be intertwined together in the main WorkTools icon. We performed several desirability studies on various sets of icons to gauge how well the designs were perceived.

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 12.11.35 PM.png
professionalAndrea Hock