Sprout Walkup

Client: Hewlett-Packard Inc.

Goal: Design an application for Sprout G1 that enables use of a few key Sprout features for use in a library or school setting.

My role: VX

Timeline: a few months


Another designer and I were tasked with coming up with a design for a new project called Sprout Walk-up. This design is the first version of Sprout Walk-up. This project is a kiosk setup where users in a library or school setting can make use of the multi-touch displays to scan books or papers, create projects, or capture objects. Walk-Up allows users to quickly scan documents, and using OCR, convert the text images into editable text. Users can then copy the text into other programs. Walk-Up can also extract individual images which can be saved just like the text.


We added coachmarks that lay over the interface when the user clicks the '?' icon for assistance. We wanted to make the interface simple and easy to use, since the target audience is younger children and teachers. This is a relatively simple app where users are only allotted a certain time to use Sprout, after which they will be kicked off for the next user. We added a small timer in the top right of the screen to alert users as to how much time they have left.


One of the first places that Walk-Up was implemented was in the Los Angeles Public Library, and was soon followed by lots of schools.

professionalAndrea Hock