Adobe Design Competition #TakeTenContest

Category: Photomontage

Timeline: a few days

Challenge: Create an original artwork from 10 Adobe Stock images.

Contest Rules

This self-imposed project was from a contest created by Adobe, which is part of a series that they hold quarterly called “Take 10”. This particular contest was inspired by Ankur Patar’s re-creation of a stolen Rembrant masterpiece called “The Storm on the Sea of Galilee”. There are other works of art that have been destroyed or stolen, which digital artists have been able to recreate in the same way.


The task was to create a photomontage using Photoshop. Participants were given a group of unrelated Adobe Stock photographs. We were instructed to create an original artwork using these 10 provided photos, and nothing else. The theme was title “The Storm”, and our works were supposed to portray that. I entered for fun, and to try a slightly different approach to the type of work that I usually do.

This is the final scene that I created in Photoshop:

These are the ten images that we were given:

My piece manipulates the stock photos in such a way that the originals can’t be seen. I wanted to combine reality and fantasy. To do that, I over-exaggerated the whirlpool and foreground lighting, while making the island and sky in the distance peaceful and serene. I used a variety of techniques like masking, level and curve adjustments, warping, lens flare, etc. Had a lot of fun creating this piece, and actually learned a few new tricks in Photoshop! This contest was a great way to challenge myself to create something out of the ordinary and to learn new skills.

professionalAndrea Hock