Wrapping Paper

Contest Rules

This small project was a contest held on the design website, Dribbble. The company Lighthouse London, https://wearelighthouse.com/, hosted the contest to celebrate Christmas. The prompt was to create a custom wrapping paper design, and the winners would be chosen to have their designs printed and shipped to them. the guidelines for the artwork were that the design had to be A2 size, it had to be a repeating pattern, CMYK, and vector in pdf format. We could enter as many times as we wanted, so I entered two different designs: one gingerbread theme and one candycane theme.

One of the Winners

Lighthouse London chose 4 winners for the competition, and I was happy to be chosen as one of them! There was originally only supposed to be 3 winners, but they ended up adding a fourth because they were unable to choose. After the winner announcement on Dribbble, they sent me a few emails asking for the artwork in the correct format and my address. By the time I got the wrapping paper in the mail, I had already wrapped all of my Christmas presents, but I'll keep this roll for next year! Such a fun project.

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