Step 1. Choose a Project Need

A- One and done.

Need an app design quick? Are you looking for a fast and fresh update? Perhaps you’re a small startup that doesn’t have a big budget yet. This option might be great for you. It’s perfect to get you up and running if you’re starting from scratch, and you need some UI to start showing investors. I’ll provide you with an intuitive, unique, and user-friendly design in only one week.

  • $2000. No more. No less.

  • 100% prepayment

  • Design concept for a few screens only

  • Designs delivered in a week

  • Basic clickable prototype

  • One iteration, no edits

  • Rights to publish on social media

  • One free intro consultation

B- Create-Your-Own

Have a bigger project that requires a big design commitment? Need personalized suggestions and expert design guidance? I can design an entire brand identity and user interface that is a perfect fit for your product or services. I’ll give you personalized design guidance every step of the way. Prices vary per project, so let’s chat about what you need!

Things you might want:

  • An entire app or website design from scratch

  • Logo design options

  • Low and high fidelity wireframes

  • Clickable prototypes

  • Engaging and intuitive visual experience

  • Discussions with several moodboards

  • A design system

  • Many iterations

  • Expert design guidance

  • Custom Illustrations

  • Micro-Animations

  • No code, only design

  • One free intro consultation


Step 2. Inquire

Name *
Which option do you need? *

Once I have this information, I'll give you a rough estimate of the timeframe and cost, based on what you've provided. Thank you!


Step 3. Prepare for Consultation

To get the most out of your first complimentary consultation, these are some things you might want to think about and have prepared. If you don’t know the answers, that’s fine too!

Design Questionnaire:

  • Do you want design advice, or do you have a distinct style in mind already?

  • Will I be starting from scratch, or redesigning what you have?

  • Do you want feature advice or not?

  • What’s the timeline you need these designs? (ASAP is not an answer)

  • Will you need the designs provided in a certain format?

  • Will I be working closely with a developer?

  • What is the general project description?

  • How often do you want check-ins? Daily? Weekly? Only once the design is done?