Dribbble Debut

I recently got an invite to Dribbble, which is a site for designers to share the things they're working on. It's a unique source of inspiration for artists, and the images are limited to 800x600 pixels. I've browsed Dribbble for years, but never made a Player account until now. Uploading to the site requires an invite from an existing user. 

I thought Dribbble would be a great place to post my Daily UI Challenge posts. I figured that it was time I stopped simply browsing, and started sharing with the design community. "What's the point in making art? The point is to make so you can share. Make and share and make and share and make and share," quoted by Shantell Martin, in a video I recently watched from Casey Neistat's channel. This fast-paced "make and share" motto was my inspiration behind joining the Daily UI Challenge. That's not to say that quickly making and sharing is more important than solving design problems. I think both consistent creating AND the theoretical aspects of designing go hand-in-hand.

My debut post on Dribbble is below. I got the invite for Dribbble at night, so I thought I would make a night scene at a desk. I'll be posting lots more there, so stay tuned!

designAndrea Hock