A Fresh Start

I’ve always associated September with a fresh start. Something about the change in the weather and a new school year starting up again. I’ve been out of school and working for 3 years now, but I still get the same anticipation for something new when this time of year rolls around. In the spirit of change, I’ve scrapped my outdated website, and created this new one.

I think most graphic designers are constantly in a state of “updating their website”, myself being a prime example. I tried a number of options for this site revision: coding by hand, pre-made templates like Squarespace, various plugins on Wordpress, but finally settled on Adobe Muse. So here it is! 

I plan to document my hobbies and side projects that I’m working on. The goal is partly to archive a “how-to” sort of reference for these projects to look back at, but also to share what I enjoy doing. Hopefully you’ll enjoy as well! Thanks for reading along.

randomthoughtsAndrea Hock