What are the "Morning Pages"?

There isn’t a second in the day when you have to ever be bored these days. The minute you start to feel sad or bored, all you have to do is whip out your phone for immediate gratification.

With this constant input from news outlets, Facebook, or Instagram, it’s easy for days to go by without having a unique thought of your own. Journalling is a solution that forces you to explore your own ideas and train the brain to be more self-aware. 

The “Morning Pages” is my attempt to output content, rather than ingesting what’s given. By dedicating a short amount of time, often for just one paragraph, I hope this practice cultivates lots of unique, creative ideas. 

What kind of content will be on the Morning Pages? Anything goes. A project that I have planned, a trick I learned in some design software, random musings on life. Hopefully, over time, the thoughts I journal about will develop into what I hope to accomplish.

Today’s post is quite long, but the goal is to make these short enough for me to stay consistent with posting, and for you, a quick read before work.

randomthoughtsAndrea Hock