Medium Article Plans for the Year

This year, I'm setting a small goal of writing 5 articles to post on Medium. If all goes well, I can post more, but I want that to be the minimum since I have quite a few other resolutions I want to accomplish this year. I think Medium is a great resource for designers, and I'd like to be a part of the community by adding to the conversations. I also simply have a few things that I want to learn about, and the way that I learn best is to teach it to someone else. By writing in-depth articles, I'll be able to truly immerse myself in the learning process.

Here are my 5 article ideas:

  • Different Methods of Brewing Coffee, and Which is my Favorite

  • How I Painted a Mural

  • I Completed the 100 Days Daily UI Challenge, and Here are my Thoughts

  • What is Stoic Philosophy?

  • My Experience Getting Lasik

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