Valentine's Day Flower Arranging Class

Tonight I took a super cute flower arranging class with a Valentine's Day theme! It was put on by Snapdragon Studio, which is a boutique floral studio in St. Louis. They opened their shop about a year ago in south city, close to Tower Grove park. The arrangement from tonight had a mixture of pink, white, and red flowers- so pretty! This was a nice treat for myself since the winter months can be so dreary.

Each of the stems were separated into buckets, and we got to pick a few from each bucket. We were given the white vases- gah, they're so cute! The vases were pre-filled with chicken wire to hold the flowers. I had previously only used styrofoam, but I like this option better because you can take flowers out easier to rearrange afterwards. 

Here were some of Silvia's tips!:

  • Build your arrangement in layers- she usually builds in 3 layers.

  • Measure your stems before you cut them- between 1.5 to 2.5 the length of the vase width.

  • Add the larger flowers on the first layers, then fill in with the smaller bulbs.

  • The heavier flowers should be on the first layers so they can drape nicely over the edge of the vase.

  • Make sure to turn your arrangement around while you're working so you don't put too much on one side.

  • Start with the greens.

  • Tulips are nice to drape down over the sides near the bottom.

  • Try to get a mix of leaf textures- so some small leaves, some large, and some medium. Same goes for flowers with the bulb size.

  • When cutting the stems, try to put them in water fairly quickly after a fresh cut.

  • Don't let the leaves touch the water as it can cause bacteria. Trim off any leaves that do touch the water.

  • Be sure to dump out the old water and put in new water daily.

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