The Year in Retrospect

Wow, what a great year it's been! I love taking the break between Christmas and New Years to reflect on the past year and plan for a prosperous new year. Here are a few highlights of my 2017.


  • Travelled to Palo Alto for work and caught up with a good friend over coffee that I hadn't seen in awhile (Also got a flat tire in my rental car, and vowed to only take Lyft)

  • Steve and I went to the cat cafe

  • Furnished my apartment

  • Went to a Photography class

  • Hiked at Elephant Rocks with Steve


  • Celebrated Mardi Gras in Soulard with friends


  • Went to a really cool estate sale with Steve and found some (very cheap) old screenprinting supplies 

  • I hosted a sleepover and movie night with my family at my apartment

  • Finally splurged on a widescreen curved monitor

  • Explored the City Museum with my brothers


  • Hosted wine night with my Sigma Kappa friends from college

  • Went to Nashville with a friend


  • Vacationed in Utah/ Salt Lake City/ Grand Tetons with Steve

  • Got dressed up with my family for the Vitae society dinner at the Chase

  • Travelled with Palo Alto and San Diego for work (videoshoot with Microsoft)

  • Created a new website/ blog/ portfolio site

  • Learned Adobe Muse

  • Hosted a joint birthday party for a friend and myself

  • Got some new glasses

  • Attended my sister's high school graduation


  • Finally got a kitten and named her Sprinkles

  • Travelled to Silver Dollar City with my family  for our yearly trip

  • Had a fun night with my little at the Central West End party

  • Went to a friend's crawfish boil


  • Had a great time with Steve at a Cardinals game

  • Walked to Forest Park to watch the fireworks on the 4th of July

  • Went kayaking at Creve Couer Lake

  • Celebrated a friend's engagement at her engagement party

  • Went to a friend's "Redneck Rumble" party and cooled off in a truckbed filled with water

  • Went on an amazing road trip out west with my whole immediate family


  • Watched the Solar Eclipse

  • Had a fun weekend with high school friends at a friend's lakehouse at Lake of the Ozarks


  • Went to a wedding for Steve's cousin

  • Went to the Forest Park Balloon Glow with friends

  • Completed a half marathon in Chicago

  • Got engaged to Steve in Chicago!


  • Travelled to New York for a press event for the ZBook x2 for work

  • Went to a friend's bachelorette party

  • Travelled to Palo Alto and San Diego for work

  • Picked pumpkins and apples at Eckert's with my brothers

  • Went to Vegas to work at Adobe MAX and caught up with a previous co-worker


  • Attended my old high school's Alumnae dinner with friends

  • Went Axe Throwing for a friend's birthday

  • Attended a friend's wedding

  • Started a Daily UI Challenge and created a Dribbble account

  • Started freelance work on a makeup app called Pretty Social


  • Invested in Bitcoin

  • Went to the Anheuser Busch Brewery Lights

  • Went to Chicago with a friend

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