Spike Jonze Just Keeps Getting Better

FYI, I've been taking it slow lately to try to give my eyes some rest after getting LASIK. I had a complication where my corneas have extreme roughness on the surface from being too dry (which has been stressful to say the least), but the doctors are hopeful that that will get better in time. More on that in another post, though. But let's talk about Spike Jonze for a bit!

Ever since I found out about Spike Jonze from Casey Neistat in a video where he mentioned Spike's works, particularly Kanye West's genius music video 'Otis', I've aspired to make work as creative as his someday. He's a wildly creative and very private filmmaker that avoids press conferences and interviews. I love that his works focus on a feeling, rather than a product or something being marketed. In 'Otis', for instance, it instantly takes me back to summers during the beginning of college. 

Yesterday I happened to see a new Apple Music ad for the Homepod, called 'Welcome Home'. I watched it all the way through and loved the unique style. When I scrolled down to the description I noticed that it was directed by none other than Spike Jonze. I love that this particular ad focuses on empathy- a weary worker coming home after a long day and allowing music to take her away for a moment.

Jonze also produced the thought-provoking movie 'Her', starring Joaquin Phoenix, which I loved. He's produced a ton of music videos, with artists from Weezer to Bjork. And that memorable, albiet a bit odd, commercial for Kenzo Perfume, 'Kenzo World'.

Spike Jonze is actually a pseudonym- his real name is Adam Spiegel. He reminds me a of a mix between Wes Anderson, Charlie Kaufman, and Christopher Nolan with his quirky, narrative, and thought-provoking style. His stories and visuals seem to blend perfectly. It's not super surprising that he was married to Sofia Coppola, who made similarly distinctive films like 'Lost in Translation'. I hope he continues to produce more films because I'm always inspired by his works!