The Automated Hack Series

As part of my residency at Adobe this year, I’m going to share UI designs on my stories daily (M-F). For this series, I’ll be designing interfaces for things in your life that you’d like improved via automation. I call this The Daily Hack.

PART 1: What Do You Want Automated?

Since my main project is focused on improving human experiences through automation, I decided to add this side project where I design for problems of all kinds. Let me know in the comments or send a direct message of an idea of something you wish could be simplified in your life. I’ll choose one idea per day and design a screen or two for how it could be controlled, whether that’s in the form of mobile, desktop, Apple watch, or another digital interface.

Part 2: Design Along With Me

In addition to creating my own designs, I encourage those of you who are designers (or aspiring designers!) to make your own. At the end of the week I’ll review the designs, choose my favorite, and if you want feedback I’ll provide suggestions!

It’s just for fun, so I encourage anyone to participate, regardless of your level of design skills! #creativeresidency #design

designAndrea Hock