Adobe LiveStream in SF

Last week I was in San Francisco for Adobe Live! Adobe Live is a livestream event where various artists of all different fields come on each week for 2 hour segments 3 times per week. During the streams, we focus on one project and take the viewers through how we create it. 

For my livestream, my project was surrounding my Automated Hack Series, so I created another hack design, but more built out than I normally do. Normally I only choose a few screens to design and don't show the UX and preliminary work, but for this one I showed more of the process since I had a longer time to design it.

This particular design was for a physical automated Mailbox app, where the mailbox sorts your important mail from your spam mail, and recycles the spam for you. The interface that I designed was an app that controls the mailbox, with all kinds of settings from the threshold of what to keep versus recycle, to adding a pin code so only you and the mailman can open the mailbox.

You can find the replay on Behance Live here!

livestreamAndrea Hock