UX QuickTips (explained by GIFs)

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On July 17th, Adobe XD released a new update! One specifically, stroke enhancements, that I’m 👏SUPER👏 excited about, because I use that functionality all the time.

Since everyone basically reads in gifs nowadays rather than text, I thought I would explain via short clips to show what’s in the new update!

Stroke Enhancements

You can now add rounded corners and dashes to your strokes! YES!! There are 4 groups of stroke options that I’ve listed below. Here are a few gifs because that’s probably why you’re skimming this article:

Basic Stroke Options: size, gap, and dash

Basic stroke options (size, dash, and gap)

Basic stroke options (size, dash, and gap)

Centering Along the Line: inner, outer, and center. (In order to do this, the path has to be closed/connected.)

Centering Along Path

Centering Along Path

Cap Options: butt, round, projecting

Join options (miter, round and bevel)

Join options (miter, round and bevel)

Label Assets

Now you can label your assets in the assets panel to keep everything organized how you want it.

Items you can label: colors, character styles, and symbols

View in list or grid mode

View in list or grid mode

Other new features in assets include rollover tooltips and filtered search.

Third Party Integrations

XD now supports integration into Zeplin, Avocode, and Protopie on Windows (Mac was already available).

Comment on Design Specs

Now you can share and have others comment on your design specs.

Sharing: View all designs shared with you


Pin Comment: Pin comments anywhere on the screen

Pin comments anywhere on the screen.

Pin comments anywhere on the screen.

Other new features include:

  • paragraph spacing

  • image paste from clipboard

  • password masking

  • simplified Chinese

That’s a wrap-up of the July 2018 Adobe XD release! Let me know if it was helpful, and if you’d like to continue to see more tips for future releases.

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